Emily Prouse

Emily as a dedicated equestrian photographer specialising in the beauty of dressage, has the privilege of capturing profound and precious memories. Capturing the perfect moment instilled with the expertise to represent your dressage journey or equine partnership. Emily is a full time, fully insured professional photographer based in Northamptonshire, covering the UK.

Emily has a deep passion for the equine world, and understanding of behaviour, conformation, lateral movements and editing software, enabling her to orchestrate beautiful images that not only flatter you and your horse but truly captures their unique personality.

Investing in striking photography that reflects the natural connection shared between you and your equine partner is a decision you can make with confidence. Let Emily help you create a beautiful and lasting tribute to your relationship, celebrating your most cherished memories.

The Guild of Professional Photographers Registered Member. Award winning equine photography that celebrates the natural connection shared between you and your dressage partner to create a lasting tribute.


"I am a horse/dog mum myself too. Caletto was inspired after my own horse Rocky who turns twenty one this year. Learning with and from Rocky has defined the last few years of my life and I will keep him close to my heart always. I have protected my own memories with photographs and so my personal camera roll is at an embarrassing figure. As a photographer I am best known for my black backgrounds, portraits and dressage images. I also love to meet and work with equestrian coaches at various clinics. I started out with a degree in wildlife photography, but focused on my passion and haven’t looked back. I understand the correct moment of movements to capture from my own training and watching others as well as an affinity to understand the invaluable bond between us and our treasured pets.

For me equine photography is an art form that should celebrate the natural connection shared between us and our horses and for this reason I often find myself invested in seeing you grow together on that journey. Through my photography, I am able to capture, pause and preserve that perfect moment in time, and it is my aim to allow you to relive that moment fondly. To be able to look back and reflect upon the treasured partnerships you've shared is special."

“I was desperate to get some photos of my foal Cayla before she grew. I thought it would be a challenge with young foals being unpredictable but wow I needn’t have worried. The photos were way beyond anything I imagined and I have the most wonderful memories captured. Emily was brilliant she had so much patience and a real understanding of the horses. Emily made the whole experience so fun and we had the best time. The hardest partwas choosing my favourite photos as there was so many wonderful captures”

—Angharad Harries Dressage

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