Terms and Conditions

Please also read Copyright below for image usage, Terms & Conditions are in place to protect both Client and Photographer, thank you.

By consenting to images being taken, arranging a shoot, browsing proofs, viewing this website or downloading any purchased image from Caletto Photography you are hereby automatically accept the full Terms and Conditions laid out on this page and the copyright page. Should you have any questions please get in touch by E-mail: hello@caletto.co.uk

Any use of the images contained within this website/social media account is strictly forbidden unless by the Client or in a Commercial Agreement as otherwise stated below.

Copyright ownership states that by law any image water marked (or not) that has been taken by Caletto Photography is the property of Emily Prouse the Photographer. The Photographer retains the right to use these images strictly for social media and online at www.caletto.co.uk. The Photographer will not negatively portray any Company, Brand or Client.

The Client's purchase and download of the digital files releases the Photographer from any liability due to loss or damage of the images after download and from any obligations to maintain copies of the digital files after download. The Photographer is not able to guarantee a copy of any digital file after the point of download in the event the Client has lost or damaged images, Clients are encouraged to back up images to a memory stick/email copies to avoid disappointment. The Photographer will try to keep the majority of digital work backed up on external hard drives, but in the event that those copies are lost or damaged, will not be held liable.

The Photographer is fully insured but is not responsible or liable for ridden accidents that occur on shoot. The Photographer will ensure extra care is taken when working with animals and that any rider and or handler's safety is regarded at all times when creating images. The Photographer has full public liability and indemnity insurance.

The Client is responsible and liable for the supervision of any supporting team or family/friend members, any sponsors/ models and their horses/other pets. This will include any accidents or any actions taken that cause damage or injury to any Party or Property at the risk of the Client. The Client acknowledges this as a disclaimer and understands that working with horses can be unpredictable and will take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all Parties involved.  Risk assessments are to be provided by the Client only if required.

The Photographer will not cancel unless for serious illness (e.g., COVID positive or hospital admittance) or an immediate emergency such as vehicle failure or bereavement. In such cases, the Photographer will advise a suitable resolution as soon as possible.

The Client must provide 48 hours or more to reschedule. In cases of severe weather conditions or similar obstructions that would result in the Client wishing to reschedule the Photographer will advise.

If the shoot is canceled for any reason by the Client, the 20% deposit is non-refundable. Where the shoot is rescheduled within 2 months, this deposit fee becomes credit against the shoot. The Photographer retains the right to waiver this for the Client under extreme circumstances such as serious illness, immediate emergency or bereavement.

Images must not be sold on to any third party, or gifted without prior consent to any third party.

The Photographer will not allow any alterations to the photographs, with the exception of the addition of business Client's company name, logo or text relating to a company for advertisement purposes where a Commercial Use contract has been agreed.

The Client agrees to credit the Photographer when using the images for the agreed purposes; including social media, website, marketing, and print. The Photographer shall be acknowledged as the creator of the photographs.

All images will be added to an online Pixieset gallery folder within 6 weeks of the shoot date. The images will be provided in high resolution digital format for download once edited. All images will be edited within a maximum of 10 weeks of the shoot date. Please allow additional time for prints as this is out of the control of the Photographer. In case of any technical malfunction where there is any issue in providing images to the Client, the shoot would be rescheduled and or the shoot cost would be refunded in full and a further resolution negotiated.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. This agreement is in place to protect both Client and Photographer. This Agreement shall commence on the shoot date.

Thank you for reading this.


Any use of the images contained within this website, https://caletto.pixieset.com/, and all associated social media accounts is strictly forbidden unless otherwise stated below.

By consenting to images being taken, arranging a shoot, browsing proofs, viewing this website or downloading any purchased image from Caletto Photography you are hereby automatically accept the above conditions. Should you have any questions please get in touch.

Copyright ownership states that by law any image water marked (or not) that has been taken by Caletto Photography is the property of Emily Prouse.


  • Link to any page on www.caletto.co.uk or https://caletto.pixieset.com/, but not directly to the images themselves.
  • Download an electronic copy of an image purchased which is held on this website or email to you for your own private, non-commercial use as long as the images are not altered in any way, including the removal of the copyright text.Private use is described by the following examples:
  • For use as a screensaver or wallpaper on your personal computer.
  • Email an image (for no commercial gain) to a friend or family member for their own personal enjoyment, so long as full recognition is given to either Emily Prouse at Caletto Photography.

Note: Where additional permission is given in writing for you to use an image for anything other than private use you MUST ensure credit is given to Caletto Photography.


  • Sell electronic or printed copies of the images and content on this website.
  • Download, edit or use any proof image shared with you or on social media, as this is owned entirely by Emily Prouse @ Caletto Photography.
  • Allow a company (including any on social media) to use an image of you taken by Emily Prouse at Caletto Photography without prior agreed consent and credit for the image.
  • Publish images in any magazine, newspaper, website or other media outlet without express written permission from Caletto Photography.
  • Make any commercial gain from these photographs by whatever means.
  • Claim the credit for any of the images taken by Caletto photography in any form.
  • Make any physical copies or prints of these photographs in any form, for any reason.
  • Where an agreement has been made with a client hosting clinics using supplied photography to aid their business, this copyright still means any non-agreed use of the images (displayed by the client under our agreement) by downloading, saving, editing or printing is still regarded theft.


Any photographic prints purchased from Emily Prouse at Caletto Photography are also bound by strict usage rules and are intended solely for private use. Private use is limited to the following examples:

  • Mounting and framing for display within your own home or office for all non-commercial reasons
  • Packaging and posting the print (framed or unframed) as a gift for no commercial gain


  • Reproduce the print in any manor, including but not limited to photographing, scanning or photocopying the print.
  • Make any commercial gain from the print through resale by any means without express written consent from myself.
  • Modify the print in any way, including the removal of any labels attached to the print.